Brands & Identities

Branding system, business cards, Social Media Manual and Instagram launch. A brand going into the saturated market of craft beer with a tropical spin. Bebe Craft Puerto Rico, is a craft beer destributer in Puerto Rico that specializes in beers crafted in the south of the United States.
The Bebe Craft brand is colorful and coporate. Professional and playfull. The perfect mix. We drew inspirations from hand crafted human side behind craft beers together with the solidity and movement that distribution brings. Bebe Craft is opening beer up to Puerto Rico, it is cracking a cold one in the tropics.
The business cards were created with the idea of reaching potential clients and supliers. It had to be "crafty" enough to reach the craft beer companies as well as
For Social Media, we created an innovative way of presenting the content. It makes use of the white space, giving it a clean "corporate" feel while using the color palette of the brand to keep it lively. We created a system of templates for the client to keep using so that the brand could live past the initial launch.

Branding system for a publishing house that sponsors and publishes young designers and artist. While I was in studying abroad in Venice, taking classes with TankBoys, two local graphic designers distinguished worldwide, I created a branding system for a publishing company. This project was a complete start to end project where I was in charge of the type of company I wanted to create and how. I decided to create a publishing company that helped promising young designers and writers get published. With the help of my roommate at the time I decided to call it FreshPress. The logo shows the gears of printing press, as if the paper was going through the gears within the “s.” The colors are modern and sleek, dark grey, to show professionalism while the name has a fun catchy name to draw in our clients. The next step, after the branding identity was created was to publish a book and create the promotional material for it. Visit Stop Eating Ramen project page to view the book I wrote, designed and published. It focuses on cheap and easy (and healthy) recipes targeting broke college students, like myself at that time.

BCreate a Brand, That breaks the mold, Inspired by Health-care, Driven by Persona, Using CAD. This was the prompt we received. With no idea what it could mean but we were passionate. From this EmBRACE was born. Embrace was a bracelet and ring brand that would serve as a treatment for OCD. We developed the brand, met with engineers, designed the 3D model, and created a website that served as a platform for customization and online sales. The font used was to illustrate a luxury product that while being well-made and customer focused, would also be accessible. Worked in a group of four designers: Sally, Anna, Christine and I.