Projects completed during my two years working for the College of Communications

During my two years working as a student designer at Boston University’s College of Communication I worked on a variety of projects that widened my knowledge as a designer and gave me professional client experience. The Marketing and Communications Center at the College of Communications is in charge of all Communication efforts College and University-wide for COM. We work with conferences like, Story Telling with Data, The Power of Narrative, Making Social Media Matter (which I attended), and Journalism and the Search for Truth. We also worked on award ceremonies, like the Blue Chips, awarding students who had excelled in their field of study, and Hugo X. Schong Lifetime Achievement in Communications awards. To smaller projects like the incoming Freshmen class, form updates, Staff Holiday Party invites and name badges and signage for events. Working on a wide variety of projects for the College of Communications taught me how to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously and within the brand guidelines of both Boston University and the College of Communications. To see more of my current and recent work visit my Instgram.