Experience, Processing Video and Publication

For this project I started looking at how people create art/content and more specifically how the audience dictates how the content is made. I listened to a podcast by This American Life about recordings that had been left for only one person to hear; I was so moved that something like a recording could be so personal. They were for an audience of one. My influences are all but for an audience of one; I am inspired by trends, social and public design. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and create for an audience of one. There is three types of one-person audiences. Me creating for You, You creating for You and Me creating for Me. Therefor, this project took three forms.

ME TO YOU: Performance Experience
Created a unique performance for one person. Had people line-up outside the room and come in one-by-one. Each experience started the same way, they would walk into the room and I would greet them with the same message explaining the performance what I wanted them to do and what they could do from there. We had the task of changing a block of melting ice so that the next person that walked into the performance had a guaranteed different experience. They received no instructions on how to change the ice, just a couple of “tools.” A hairdryer, a lighter, three birthday candles and coals. During their experience they were asked to take a picture, on a disposable film camera and at the end of their experience they were asked to describe their experience. The experience was not filmed or recorded any other way; I wanted them to tell the story of their experience through their eyes.

YOU TO YOU: Processing Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a very personal thing. It includes you and another person who you feel you have wronged or they have wronged you. Each person is different and each situation is different; that’s why each situation is so personal to each person. For Processing Forgiveness I asked a group of people (mainly Facebook friends/classmates/Followers) to write letters of forgiveness, whether this meant a letter asking for forgiveness or giving forgiveness was up to the writer. I collected these letters, mostly anonymous and put them in processing to distort them. I recorded the process of liquefying them and overlaid it to a computer-reading of the forgiveness letters. I did not use my voice to separate myself from the personal aspect of the letters and to keep the anonymity of the writers.

ME TO ME: Everything I’ve Ever Wanted To Try Design-Wise but Been to Afraid To Try It
The last goal for this project was create something for me; design something that the audience was me. I thought about about my time at Boston University and my journey as a graphic designer. I realized that even though I was happy (and glad) that I had found my “style” as some may say I still had styles and techniques I had not explored. So I decided to make a publication or “Zine” and try everything that I had always wanted to try but either never had the chance to or was to scared to try. With this publication I learnt that it is not the technique per say that I was missing but a reason to use it, before I always found a different way (another technique) to solve the problem rather than the ones I was “too scared to try.” So it wasn’t that I was scared, it was just that it didn’t make sense to solve the problem in that way but I still wanted to explore the technique.