Remix of Content Publication

Publication studying human behavior in the Instagram comments of the Instagram Famous. Combined 200 pages of Instagram comments with personal photography. With this project I wanted to highlight the language used in the Instagram comments of famous people. For this exploration, I took 200 comments from images of the most liked/followed Instagrammers in 2017. Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Beyonce. Throughout the comments people would believe they were the first to comment and would write “First!” when clearly they were comment #4,098,824. I exchanged the emojis for boxes to take the language out of the context of the internet and place it within the context of the book. Suddenly all the comments that on the platform of Instagram made sense to us, seemed absurd in the form of a publication. The publication took the form of an artist book or coffee table book. Placed as chapter separators where personal photographs that were not something you would see on Instagram. They were uncomfortable photographs; a dog sitting on it’s own piss, a melted lollipop next to a cigarette and a photo of a banana peel in a red-solo cup. I wanted to highlight people’s behavior online by placing it in another setting.