Empowernment Mobile Application

Empower; make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. Give someone the authority and power to do something. Making others feel empowered was our goal for this project, and we chose something close to all of us. We chose to empower the international student community at Boston University. Being a part of that community we had a lot of insights that helped drive this project. We landed on a few starter questions: How can we help international students integrate and feel confident with popular culture and slang in America? What is the most effective tool and platform? How can we make it an easy experience? Slago serves as a interactive dictionary app that provides definitions and knowledge about slangs, idioms, and current pop culture in America. The app features a search function, voice recognition, account registration, Slang Of The Day, Slides, Puzzles, Learning Games and a Forum. Below are wireframe and in-app mock-ups as well as the branding of the application.