Catalog of Influences Inspired by Snapchat

What inspires me and how I showcase it through Snapchat as a platform. Last year we were asked to look at our influences and how they inspired or spoke about our work and how we did that work. As I began, collecting influences and seeing what I was inspired by, I noticed that most of my inspirations were in pictures I had taken inside a museum to remember a certain piece or specific architecture that had captured my attention. All of these pictures had one other thing in common, (other than being my inspiration) I was in them. In the corner of the frame there I was, with some sort of reaction or expression. I was a big influence in my own work, my life. My experiences they all spoke to the work I was making. From there, I created a publication that served as a make-your-own Liz inspiration. Taking myself out of all my inspirations and creating stickers of myself. After the project, with the left-over stickers I started a personal project by placing them around campus and seeing if they could become famous. The problem with this project was that I had no way of measuring it. I had hoped that maybe walking down the halls of the College of Arts and Sciences someone would stop and ask me “Wait, aren’t you that sticker girl?” and let me tell you that never happened. If you want some of my famous stickers, feel free to download them below.